AristocratBank – represents an investment bank focused on diverse investments (shares, bonds, and instruments of monetary market), targeted in obtaining a potentially attractive yield.

Investment bank benefits

The diversity of investments, an increased yield in comparison with classic products of savings (term deposit accounts). High professional consulting and assistance. The fund of investments Aristocratbank is focused on savings with diversified level of risk.

START time deposits
ECONOMIC time deposits
DIVERSO time deposits
PROGRESSIVE time deposits
BUSINESS time deposit

Nr. of business involved in generating profit


Nr.of active deposits

Time Deposits

5 Terre

– Choose how long you save for. You’ve got three deposit terms to choose from – 0.2 to 2 years – and you can deposit any amount from € 2,000 to € 2,000,000

– Get a great interest rate. Earn between 3.5% AER/gross and 31.10% AER/gross, depending on the term you choose

– Reinvest your savings. Before the end of the term, we’ll write to you to ask you if you want to withdraw your money, start a new Fixed Rate Saver or discuss your options

– Interest paid directly into your account. We’ll pay your interest into the AristocratBank account you used to pay your initial deposit

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5 Terre

– Loans available from € 3.000 to € 5.000.000

– Existing customers can get a quick decision – you could receive immediate funds if accepted.

– No setup or arrangement fees.

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Financial Instruments

5 Terre

– Swift Services Closing Process
– Bank Guarantees
– Stand By Letter of Credit (SBLC)
– Non-Recourse Debt or Non-Recourse Loan
– Performance Bonds
– Proof Of Funds
– RWA Letter
– SBLC or BG via SWIFT MT-760
– Swift MT-760
– Swift MT-799
– Leased Bank Instruments
– Bank Instrument Monetization

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